Gizmo / Scourge / Rei

heyy hi ! heresss. some more things ! about me yeahhhhhhhh
minor , born 11th of october
nd , lgbt = autism , GAD , possible ADHD , genderless/contramasc tme lesbian
im an artist ! my commissions are open carrd
system host ( not sure if or osdd-1b )

DNI an that

basic dni
proship yall are disgusting
mcyttwt / mcyter fan (moots ok!)
hate gorillaz/its a trigger (special interest and means sm to me)
thats it HBJDHJB i dont really care who interacts unless youre mean or smth
also triggered by all caps, (/lh ofc!! i talk in them alot thats all)

interests / likes

gorillaz obv
old web
trad scene and emo
dan vs
noodle (char)


coding !
digital art
being a dumbass online

some notes